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Wiz Khalifa x Converse Chuck Taylor All Star ILL

I remember right after Bash (Wiz & Amber’s son) was born I spoke at length with him about fatherhood, bossness etc. He showed me a prototype of his collab w/ Converse.

Above are pics of his 2nd effort with Converse and in my opinion a much better looking offering. These will be avail at footlocker and other easily accessible retailers Aug 22nd for $70. 

I often make the argument for how influential Hip Hop is on culture. This is anther example of that. If Wiz can sell millions of records, make movies and sell out tours why cant he sell kicks?!? That is all!

My 5 Fav Hip Hop “Band Tees”

1. The Almighty Add-2 tee is the newest in my collection and the inspiration behind this post. Add-2 is one of the most prolific MCs I’ve ever heard! I have the pleasure of supporting his career in any way that I can. I feel it’s my duty to share with the world his very brave very dope voice and views.

2. IllKidMaticCity is one of the most creative and well produced projects I’ve heard! Super Producer Dilemma heard the many comparisons of Kendrick Lamar to Nas and decided to mash their debut albums up as only he can. The T-Shirt graphic was designed by Naturel who has made a name for himself in the art world by doing the same thing, taking Hip Hop conversations and putting his spin on it.

3. Hall Of Fame was Big Sean’s 2nd album. This tee sparked an even bigger conversation about where Hip Hop merch is heading as it relates to fashion and our influence there of. I love the simplicity of the front but the back even better!

4. Torae is an MC who to me is a super MC. So it’s only right that his design resembles that of a Superman symbol. It’s funny because when I wear it I feel empowered. It’s almost like that energy is housed within the garment.

5. My Favorite Rapper Wears A Skirt! This is my absolute favorite shirt. Not only is it a clever tee but it completely embodies the artist who it belongs to ETERNIA! She is beautiful, feminine, super lyrically endowed and unapologetic! Her presence and delivery screams her superiority as an MC without her having to verbally challenge you. Thats not something many artists have. This tee is a true conversation starter and when you do your homework on her she fully backs it up.

Tune in tonight at 9/8c to Fuse to catch my interview w/ MKTO! We talked about touring, pranking, music they are digging right now and more!

Tune in tonight at 9/8c to Fuse to catch my interview w/ MKTO! We talked about touring, pranking, music they are digging right now and more!

Converse by John Varvatos - Double-Zip Chuck Taylor Sneakers 
These babies are a modern twist on a classic model that is the Chuck Taylor! And not in the gross ghetto sense like putting blades and TVs in a vintage ride. I’m talking about keeping the CLASS in CLASSic. 
Nothing says attention to detail like translucent soles that preserve art! This sole is like the aisle at target where you need an employee to open the glass case so you can get something really expensive! And this is the part of the sneaker you walk on lol!
From last week’s post you know how I feel about zippers. So no need to repeat myself. 
The embedded pyramid studs on this shoe may scream illuminati for some of you conspiracy theorists. But to this sneaker purist it says STUNT! JV gets brownie points or kudos or whatever you want to call them for that added flair.
In a time of innovative and technological advances in footwear it’s good to see that a classic is still a classic and it don’t get more classic Chuck Taylor’s!

Sneakers are so much more than footwear! They are the focal point of a culture and a huge business! I caught up w/ Chase Reed of in harlem at his shop to talk to the 16yr old who opened the 1st ever sneaker pawn shop!

OOTD 8.12.2013

Today’s Fuse Top 20 wardrobe is

Top by APC

T-Shirt by Acapulco Gold

Jeans by Levis

Sneakers by Vans Off The Wall

Sneaks of the Week - Week 2 - Vans Sk8 Hi Ca

Vans will make her dance! Let me introduce you to the sexiest vans I’ve ever seen! I’m not going to get all technical about the type of leather or the scientific insole. Don’t get me wrong they are all great, but for me it’s about the sex appeal. This shoe makes me wish sneakers were reversible cause I would wear this inside out. I love the railroad denim lining. Love the hit of red and white stripe on the tongue. And Lord knows I love me some zippers on sneakers! Vans will make her dance. Vans will make her dance. All these dudes rocking Gucci I’m just rocking Vans!

"First Ballot" Reebok Question Mid

Growing up in West Philly in the Jordan era was tough! Needless to say while i respect Jordan’s game, legacy and greatness…I hated him! Only because no matter how good my 76ers were we were not getting pass the Bulls.

Then came AI! He became my MJ. He was a trendsetter, a game changer and an all-star. His signature sneaker became a must have! Maybe it was because i was in the center of it all living in Philly but the AI Question was everywhere! High school teams, college teams, Septa trains i mean EVERYWHERE! Everywhere but on my feet. My dad worked 3 jobs to take care of our family so i would never ever twist my lips to ask for expensive kicks. Thats why I’m a huge advocate for the retros! It gives me a chance to own a piece of my childhood that I was unable to while i was a child.

These Questions in particular resonate with me because they call back to the colorway of the Sixers jersey AI wore. I also love the bright pops of red on the toe and the piping against the black body. The speckles of metallic silver on the sole is a great touch as well!

These are going to be hard to get your hands on so I’m glad I got mine!

Lorde has a lot to be excited about and we counted it down in this interview! Tour, Lollapalooza, New Music etc!